2020 NSS Convention
Elkins, West Virginia, July 27-31, 2020

Information for organizers of Sessions, Workshops, Salons, and Special Events

AVAILABLE FACILITIES: Most of the convention’s daytime activities will be in the Elkins High School.
A layout of the school is here.
CONSERVANCY DISPLAYS: Conservancies and other non-profit caving organizations can have one 8-foot table for display purposes at no charge.  However, nothing can be sold at the table except items of nominal value in return for membership dues.  Tables must be reserved in advance.  Contact the Facilities Chair to reserve a table. If a group wants to sell items they must register as a vendor and pay the vendor fee.

VENDORS: Anyone selling anything at the convention must register as a vendor, pay a vendor fee, and collect West Virginia sales tax on all sales.  Most vendors will be in the school, but vending in the campground is another option.  Contact the Vendor Chair, Mike Warner, at mike@speleobooks.com for more information.  Vendors must make their arrangements before coming to the convention.

PRESENTATIONS: If you want to do a presentation in a session you should contact the chair of the appropriate session and let them know what you want to present.  You should tell them the subject of the presentation, the time you need, and any audio/visual equipment you will need.  You should also provide an abstract in most cases.  If you are unsure what session is appropriate for your presentation you can ask the session chairs for advice.

A list of session chairs is below.

DEADLINES: The Convention Program will be going to the printer around July 1.  There are two firm deadlines for submitting material for the Program:

June 15, 2020: All event descriptions, session descriptions, advertising, and any other general material for the Program must be submitted by this date.  Late submissions are likely to be ignored.

June 25, 2020: Final session schedules and abstracts must be submitted by this date.  Late submissions (even by a few hours) are unlikely to get in the Program.
DAILY SESSION SCHEDULE: Morning sessions will nominally run from 9 AM until noon, but can start as early as 8 AM and can run later if the room is not needed for a lunch meeting.  Lunch is noon to 2 PM.  Afternoon sessions nominally run from 2-5 PM, but can start earlier if the room is available and can run until 5:30 PM.  Be sure to notify the Program Chair if your event won’t be following the normal schedule.

The following are the major sessions that will be held in the theater:
   Monday:           Overview of Caving in West Virginia
   Tuesday:          U.S. Exploration
   Wednesday:     International Exploration
   Thursday:         Geology & Geography

FACILITIES REQUEST FORM: If you are responsible for an event please submit a "Sessions & School Facilities Questionnaire" describing your event.  The questionnaire is available as a fillable PDF file here.

ADDITIONAL SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS: Additional sessions, workshops, or other activities are welcome.  If you are interested in organizing an activity please notify the Program Chair to get the activity in the schedule.

ABSTRACTS:  Anyone doing a presentation should provide an abstract, up to 250 words, for the Convention’s Program. Abstracts should be a summary of conclusions and results, not merely a statement of what the presentation is about. 

The chairs of individual sessions need to send their session’s final schedule and abstracts to the Program Editor by June 25, 2020.   Late submissions probably won’t get in the Program.  Any common form of electronic submission is acceptable.  When submitting abstracts, please provide each presenter’s name and email address.  The presenter’s affiliation and/or mailing address can be included if desired.

Abstracts will be published as submitted so please proofread them before submitting them.  Abstracts longer than 250 words will be returned to be shortened.

PRESENTATION SCHEDULES: Organizers of sessions with formal presentations are strongly encourages to stick with their published presentation schedule.  Many folks will come to a session to see a specific presentation and altering the schedule makes this impossible.

  Facility Chair Dave Field (field9999@gmail.com)
  Programs & Sessions Chair Bob Hoke (bob@rhoke.net)
  Program Editor Bob Hoke (bob@rhoke.net)
  Vendor Chair Mike Warner (mike@speleobooks.com)

SESSION CONTACTS: The list below shows the sessions that normally include formal presentations.  The appropriate contact for each session will be added as they become confirmed.  If you are interested in doing a presentation you should contact the chair of the appropriate session.

Archaeology Session

Biospeleology Session Sarah Keenan   
Cave Digging Session

Cave Diving Session

Cave Photography Session

Cave Video Section Session   Dave Socky
Comm. & Electronics Session John DeRoo
Conservation Session

Culture of Caves, Cavers and Caving
John Wilson & Maria Perez jmwgeo@gmail.com & maria.perez@mail.wvu.edu
Geology & Geography Session Katie Schmid kschmid3@gmail.com
International Exploration Session Mark Minton & Yvonne Droms mminton@caver.net & vonnycaver@yahoo.com
NCRC Session Anmar Mirza
Spelean History Session Dean Snyder & Bob Hoke dsnyder3@ptd.net & bob@rhoke.net
State Cave Surveys
Howard Kalnitz
Survey & Cartography Session Carol Vesely cavesely@gmail.com
U.S. Exploration Session Pat Kambesis pat.kambesis@wku.edu
Vertical Session

West Virginia Caving Session Nikki Fox nikkicfox@yahoo.com
(For detailed salon information go to https://caves.org/committee/salons)
Cartographic Salon Dwight Livingston cartsalon@caves.org
Cave Ballad Salon Roland Vinyard balladsalon@caves.org
Fine Arts Salon Carolina Shrewsbury fasalon@caves.org
Graphic Art Salon Blake Jördan coverartsalon@caves.org
MultiMedia Program Salon David Socky videosalon@caves.org
Photo Salon Dean Wiseman photosalon@caves.org
Print Salon Cady Soukup
Symbolic Emblem Salon Dave Decker emblemsalon@caves.org
T-Shirt Salon Blake Jördan tshirtsalon@caves.org
Video Salon David Socky videosalon@caves.org

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