Campground Information


Camping will be at The Robertson Association campground facility 8 miles (15-minute drive) south of Elkins High School.  Known to many as the location of the annual Old Timers Reunion the site is approximately 25 acres in area of flat to gently sloping well maintained grassland.  The entire site will be in use including 2 pavilions (the main pavilion has a stage with sound and lighting); registration building; first aid shelter; gate building; a sauna / hot tub / spa area; riverfront area; and a bonfire circle.  There are 3 shower facilities (his, hers, and theirs) on site but no permanent bathroom facilities - porta johns will be distributed around the site for the week. There are numerous water spigots around the site but no RV hook ups.  There is some but not much in the way of natural shade.  The layout is that of a main social corridor parallel to the river with camping spreading back to the road.  This will be the primary location of the social activities of convention.  It should go without saying that the closer you camp to the social zone the noisier the potential.  Cave trips will also leave from and return to the campground.




IMPORTANT:  If you are arriving late to convention (after 6pm when the school will close for the day) proceed directly to the campground and check in at satellite registration.  You will receive a provisional name badge for the evening and can fully check in at the school the next morning at primary registration